Cambodia’s most underrated town

Seduced by the charming riverside of Kampot

Introducing Kampot as the Hoi An of Cambodia would go a bit to far, but both towns do have the same laid-back riverside atmosphere and unique French colonial architecture style. Accomodation options in Kampot are quite unique. Most hostels are located 2km out of town and boast with their prime views over the river. Sleeping in tree houses and taking open air showers are additional highlights. Check out Samon’s village for a great deal.

The town, which is famous worldwide for its pepper, is close to quite a few nice day trips. Nearby caves can be explored with the help of local kids. Be prepared for some climbing and bring torches, as the kids know their way around the dark caverns pretty well.

Another option would be the picnic spot of Teuk Chhou, which is mainly popular with the locals. Here you can rent a hammock, take a dip in the rapids or observe groups of kids trying to kill venomous snakes.

Splendid seafood at the crab market in Kep

‘Famed for its spectacular sunsets and splendid seafood, it was founded as a colonial retreat for the French elite in 1908. Today, scores of Kep’s luxurious prewar villas remain blackened shells, relics of a once-great civilisation that met a sudden and violent end.’ – Lonely Planet

If you have the time, rent a bike and visit the famous crab market in Kep, 30 minutes from Kampot. Here you can watch local women catching fresh seafood and preparing it on the spot. The town in itself has not much to offer other than ruins of modernist villas.

Travel Advice

Stay: Samon Village 

Eat: Rikitikitavi

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