5 Unique Bars In Rio de Janeiro

If you are going to Rio de Janeiro, it’s probably because you want to do one thing: Party! Party! Party!

And while there are a lot of day cruises and other fun activities you can do, at the end of the day it’s all about the nightlife. So here are the top 5 neighborhood bars in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

#1 – Bar Urca

Bar Urca is a popular bar and restaurant located by Rio’s pituresque bay side. There are few places in Rio that can compare to the great views of the Guanabara Marina and yachts that fill it. Just sit along the sea wall across the street, have one of their signature drinks and snacks (try the deep fried shrimps) and relax after a long day in the streets of Rio.

Rua Cândido Gaffrée, 205 – Urca – Rio de Janeiro

#2 – Bar Do Gomez

bar do gomez rio de janeiro

Photo Credit: mochilabrasil.uol.com.br

Bar Do Gomez is located in Santa Teresa and has been around since 1919. When it first opened, it was a grocer for the Spanish migrants. Now it is known as one of the best bars in town. Sticking to its roots, you will still see ancient tins and jars displayed throughout the bar. It has a very homely feel since it has been run by the same person for many years. Locals visit this authentic place regularly and are always happy to strike up a conversation with a foreigner.

Rua Áurea, 26 – Santa Teresa – Rio de Janeiro

#3 – Bip Bip

If you are looking for some live music this is the place you want to go to. The tiny storefront only features few tables and chairs for the band and a fridge filled with beer. Patrons are gathering outside on the sidewalk and dancing all night long. The regulars here take music very seriously. If they feel you are talking too loudly they will let you know. So be warned!

Almirante Gonçalves, 50 – Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro

#4 – BeerJack Hideout

beerjack hideout rio de janeiro brewery

Photo Credit: beerjack.com.br

BeerJack Hideout is a beer paradise: if you are tired of Skol, choose one of their 200+ beer brands, both brewed locally or imported. The owners offer monthly tasting sessions where visitors can discover the brewing process and differences in taste, color or consistency. You can also enjoy some great bar snacks such as chilli beans or fresh nachos.

Rua Martins Fereira, 71 – Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro

#5 – Aconchego Carioca

Aconchego Carioca Rio de Janeiro

Photo Credit: BBL Brazil by Locals Flickr

Aconchego Carioca is one of the hippest bar-restaurants near Maracanã stadium. It became famous because of their “bolinho feijoada”. When people think of Aconchego Carioca they think of authentic food and a great, convivial atmosphere. Although a bit pricey, locals simply love this place. You can tell by the queues at the entrance, and the sometimes excessive waiting times.

Rua Barao de Iguatemi, 379 – Praça da Bandeira – Rio de Janeiro


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