My whole portfolio can be found by clicking on the box below or on my Slideshare profile

It includes academical presentations and papers in French as well as in English. Topics include marketing plans, advertising campaigns and market research.

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Here are some highlights:

NSAC 2012 Glidden Advertising Campaign (MAR321 Advertising and Promotions – Pace University)

Glidden Campaign

Task: Develop an advertising campaign to raise awareness for Glidden Paint at Walmart in the United States.

Buget: $10,000,000

Tagline: Painting Memories.

Big Idea: Portraying families living the DIY lifestyle and creating memories through the usage of Glidden paint, therefore bonding emotionally with the brand.

Xpress Water Marketing Plan (MAR331 Marketing Management – Pace University)

Xpress Water Marketing Plan

Task: Develop a Marketing Plan for a New Product Launch.

Product: Xpress Water is a revolutionary water bottle that allows consumers to drink regular water, or add flavor to the water by pressing a button on the side of the plastic bottle, releasing a flavor capsule.

Tagline: Add some flavor to your life.

Main target: Women between 25 and 54

Secondary target: Children

International Product Launch Strategy (Market Research – EM Strasbourg)

International Product Launch Strategy

Tasks: Introduce Haribo’s “Goldbears” to the Chinese Market

Key Insights: Flavor and packaging need to be adapted to local customs.

Results: Break-Even expected after 4 years


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