“It has been a pleasure working with Jeff over the last few months, during which he has proved himself to be an excellent leader. His attention to detail and commitment to delivering the highest quality solution to meet the brief makes him a dependable and inspiring asset to have. He is also very open minded and has the foresight to understand that to every problem there is always a solution. Jeff would make an excellent asset to any team.”

Alexandra Smith, Visual Designer,, London

“I have been Jeff’s immediate supervisor for eight months in his position as Marketing Intern at Carlo Pazolini USA LLC. I found him to be consistently reliable, tackling all assignments with dedication and efficiency.

Jeff is a take-charge person who is able to present and implement creative ideas. As such, he remodeled the brand’s multi-channel social media strategy, which was later praised by top management and adopted on a global level. Jeff is very IT-savvy and has no trouble using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Qualtrics or Mailchimp on a daily basis.

On his own initiative, Jeff has successfully designed and dispatched an extensive customer satisfaction survey which provided us with valuable insight on brand perception, customer needs as well as advertising effectiveness. He proved himself as an analytically thinking mind with great data visualization skills.

Jeff was extraordinarily helpful in our marketing efforts and has proven to be innovative and proactive. In addition to suggesting relevant partnerships, such as becoming a privilege brand of the elite social network ASmallWorld.Net,  he came up with numerous marketing initiatives for upcoming store openings in the New York City area.

Throughout his internship, Jeff demonstrated exceptional communication skills, reaching out to external service providers to request information and give feedback on which agency might be most suitable for our brand.

I highly recommend Jeff for employment in a Marketing position. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.”

Cristal Dash, Director of Press & Marketing, Carlo Pazolini (USA) LLC, New York

“I have the pleasure of working with Jeff.  He has been a great addition to our team.   At all times I have found Jeff to be dependable, creative, responsible, honest and able to meet at deadlines in a timely manner. Jeff also has great suggestions and ideas that benefit the entire team.  I would highly recommend Jeff as a candidate for employment.”

Kim DelMonico, Co-Founder, Elite Strategic Business Solutions, South Carolina

“Jeff has been on our team for a few months now and I must say it is one of the best things we did. He is extremely articulate, creative and talented not to mention a man with great work ethic. He has wonderful ideas and will offer great suggestions on how to market a product. He is a true asset to our team and I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for excellence.”

Janine Acceturo, Co-Founder, Elite Strategic Business Solutions, South Carolina

“Jeff was definitely in the top 5% of his class here at Pace University and one of the best all round students I have had in many years. When confronted with complicated challenges and assignments throughout the course, he continually demonstrated a keen sense of understanding and original thinking in his written as well as oral presentations. His grasp of difficult and often unfamiliar topics was remarkable. He communicated the results of a very comprehensive New Product Development and Marketing Research project in front of a large audience in a lucid, cogent and creative manner, thereby clearly demonstrating his ability to carry out complex and independent research assignments. He displayed a curiosity for learning very indicative of his serious intentions to pursue post graduate education as well as professional work. He is serious, conscientious, and much focused in all his endeavors.

I highly recommend Jeff for post graduate work in the field of business management, marketing research and strategic analytics and have full confidence in his abilities to excel. Just as his thirst for learning, and steady pursuit of knowledge is very impressive, his amicable personality and leadership skills make him a delight to have as a student. He is not only motivated, but very enthusiastic in his motivation to pursue higher learning, be in an academic setting or professional environment. Hence, I am confident that he will not only meet, but exceed these high expectations.”

Dr. Ipshita Ray, Associate Professor and Program Chair, Department of Marketing – Lubin School of Business, New York

“J’ai pu travailler durant 3 mois en étroite collaboration avec Jeff et ce fut un réel plaisir. Il s’est parfaitement intégré auprès des différentes équipes tout en apportant ses capacités de soutien sur de multiples problématiques. Persévérant, bien imprégné par la culture digitale, c’est un collaborateur fiable que je recommande vivement dans un environnement international.”


I worked for 3 months in close collaboration with Jeff and it was a real pleasure. He fully integrated with the various teams while providing valuable support on multiple issues. Persistent, and knowledgeable about the digital culture, he is a reliable co-worker, who I highly recommend in any international environment.

Romain Fonnier, Marketing Manager, Ad6 Media, Paris

“Jeff Schneider interned for three months with Marketers Anonymous. Jeff showed real talent as a project manager and worked well with designers and developers.

He was able to visualize a new product and help create specs and a prototype for the mobile app. He can be innovate as well as detail-oriented.

When Jeff started the project, he did competitive research and prelimany research to figure out niche markets and to define the competitive landscape. He worked methodically and turned in well crafted documents that helped us define the product we were building.

Overall, Jeff works independently and catches on quickly to directions and what is needed. He takes inititiave to make the product the best it can be and iterates quickly. He is an asset to any team.”

Esther Kuperman, Founder & CEO, Marketers Anonymous, New York

“I have taught to Jeff for two years. During his time here, Jeff has proved himself a hard worker and responsible individual and I am delighted to provide this letter of recommendation on his behalf. Jeff is an excellent student with a lively mind, I admire his ability to approach each topic with vigor and initiative.

Jeff was also invaluable in small-group interaction with his peers. Without my asking, he took on the responsibility of helping his classmates consolidate vast amounts of information into coherent sets of ideas, and he quickly became a study group leader.

I was quite impressed by Jeff’s performance and attitude in my course, and it is for these reasons that I wholeheartedly recommend him to your program. I believe that he possesses the determination and intellect to complete the course of study and progress to a successful career.”

Valérie Van Oost, English Professor, Strasbourg Business School, France