“As an aspiring young Marketer, I take advantage of every possible opportunity to learn and develop myself. Speaking four languages, I love to immerse myself in multicultural experiences. My ambition and independence allowed me to study as well as work in major cosmopolitan surroundings such as Paris or New York. I ultimately see myself as an efficient worker, capable of leading teams toward a common goal. I wish to continue my career with a focus on new technologies and digital marketing. In a world cluttered by intrusive advertising, I believe the marketer of tomorrow has to capitalize on the power of innovation to achieve a true differentiation from the competition. I am driven by this belief and I aim to  emphasize its importance throughout my career.”


2 thoughts on “Vision

  1. C’est un blog très riche et émouvant. J’apprécie réellement le regard que tu as eu sur l’Asie, tes photos sont superbes.

    Bisous de KL

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